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The treatment plants can be used for water treatment in small towns and villages, hotels, resorts, factories, golf courses, office buildings, businesses, schools, shopping centers, residential buildings, hospitals, airports, prisons, livestock enterprises and state institutions. If required biological treatment of the wastewater treatment plant allows it to be adapted.


- The compact elements of the treatment plants allow to be shipped in a container or truck;

- Operating costs and maintenance are minimal;

-The odors are eliminated;

- The life of treatment plants is more than 20 years;

-  Crystal clear wastewater;

- Optimal operation of treatment plants even under extreme conditions and load the treatment plants alone detect and signal errors and failures;

- Easy handling and manipulation by unskilled;

- Efficient operation and less accumulation of sludge - less need for prophylaxis (once every 1-2 years under normal conditions);

- Protection of outages - built memory recovery processes from the same position;

- Lack of rotating parts in the bioreactor - under compliance with European Directive on safety;

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