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Brock’s new EVEREST™ E-Series line of grain bins offers the tallest bins/silos with eave heights increasing up to 23 feet (7 m) on some models and higher grainholding capacities – up to 1.34 million bushels on some models – to help meet the challenges of larger storage requirements presented by trend-line grain yield increases.

In addition to scaling to greater heights and the capacity to store more grain, the E-Series design features innovative changes to roof structure, body sheets, bin stiffeners, anchoring systems and accessories while also meeting or exceeding new grain industry standards. A new peak support connection is available.

The EVEREST Bin line offers greater roof peak loading capacities – up to 130,000 pounds (59,000 kg) with a uniformly-distributed pure vertical load depending on bin diameter and model. This load capacity is based on 30 pounds per square foot (146 kg per square meter) ground snow load.

EVEREST Bin roof designs meet all of the following:

  • Allowable roof peak loads for different applications.

  • Ground snow load based on 30, 40, 50 or 60 pounds per square foot (146, 195, 244 or 293 kg per square meter). The professional analysis for roof loads considered both balanced and unbalanced snow loads.

  • Temperature control cable loads based on up to 2,000 pounds (907 kg) per temperature control cable for the taller bins. EVEREST Bins are designed to accommodate the load from multiple temperature cables – check with Brock for the details.

  • Dead load weight of the structure itself which will vary depending on bin diameter and model. This weight is the sum of the bin’s roof structure and roof panels.

  • Bin safety anchor points located on the compression ring.

  • Rafters equipped for adding an in-bin safety perimeter system located near the eave and securely reached from the eave-level manhole access door.


Brock’s sidewall stiffeners are among the strongest and the most  efficient available to help bins manage the stress and strain of weather, stored grain, temperature cables and roof-mounted equipment. The bolt hole patterns used for the EVEREST Bin’s stiffener design provide more efficient connections, ensure stiffener alignment and increase strength for:

  • Improved handling of internal forces and pressures generated by  the grain.

  • Taller bin models offering more grain capacity.

  • Higher roof peak weight loads.

  • Brock’s HERCULES® Support System that innovatively utilizes the bin’s sidewall stiffeners as LEMAR™ Support Tower connections.


Brock’s unique FULL SWEEP® Bin Anchoring System (patent pending) allows for the safe operation of single-pass sweeps in all Brock EVEREST Grain Storage Bins:

  • Standard feature on all bins 72 feet (22 m) in  diameter and larger.

  • Safely handles normal bin stresses generated during single-pass  sweep operation.

  • Saves time, reduces labor and eliminates the need for bin entry during the sweep process.

  • Firmly reinforces the bottom-tier sidewall body sheet to anchor the bin and to prevent moisture penetration.


Why struggle to squeeze through a small, tight opening when you could just open a door to walk into your grain bin for inspections?  A standard feature on all EVEREST E-Series Bins is Brock’s LATCHLOCK® Walk-Through Bin Door. This two-ring tall door makes entering even the largest grain bins easy:

  • The one-piece outer door opens wide to latch securely against the side of the bin.

  • The three interlocking inner panels open in sequence from top to bottom with a simple lift of the patented latches. No tools are required.

  • Meets recommendations for bin entry, rescue and safety standards.


The EVEREST Bin’s sidewalls defend stored grain from weather while also providing critical strength components vital to the bin’s structure:

  • Efficient vertical seam  patterns provide improved strength for body sheet connections in both narrow- and wide-corrugation bin models.

  • Thicker body sheets (up to 5 gauge) resulting in fewer laminated sidewall panels and more efficient use of optimal sidewall thicknesses at all levels of the bin.

  • Standardized 3/8-inch (9.525-mm) diameter bolts on narrow-corrugation sidewall connections provide more efficient connections and fewer hardware sizes in assembly.

  • JS-1000™ bolt coating contributes improved bolt life expectancy and  corrosion protection.

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