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BG Industrial Group Ltd. is a partner of leading US manufacturer BROCK INC, which offer a wide range of products, capable fully to meet the needs of storage and processing of grain.


 The main advantage of "BG Industrial Group" Ltd. is that is able to provide its customers with complete solutions. This is an advantage from many perspectives - in engineering design of the overall facility, the logistics, the proper budgeting of the expenses, provide warranty service after the sale.

The wide range of equipment produced by our partners (silos, dryers, cleaners, redlers, elevators, augers, thermal system, laboratory equipment, fans, etc.) and the experience of our team, allow us to provide you with flexible priced and technically - the most effective solution.

The modern equipment for grain storage provides secure final technology solutions. This allows the client to get a complete picture of the project cost, and allows our team of specialists to design properly and optimally the machines capacity.  Our solutions guarantee you a safe and effective conditioning of the grain and consistently high quality of the final product.