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The construction and installation company BG Industrial Group performs the design, supply, installation and commissioning of Chief’s equipment.


Thanks to years of experience in the design and installation of grain processing facilities and of the most advanced technologies and methods of production,  CHIEF  has developed the CD range of continuous mixed flow grain dryers, which are suitable for an extensive range of crops including: Wheat, Barley, Maize, Oil seed rape, Rice, Soya, Coffee, Cocoa.

Drying capacities to 350 T.P.H. (based on wheat @780kg/m3 & 125ºC).

Dryer runs on natural gas, diesel fuel, alternative energy sources.

The key design requirements of the CD

range of continuous mixed flow grain dryers:

• airflow: consistent uniform airflow is critical to producing good drying results. Chief dryers have the largest hot air and exhaust plenums available. This ensures an even temperature across the dryer, and our special two part drying laterals ensure equalised pressure across the width of the drying column.

• longevity: only the highest quality British galvanised steel is used. The dryers are of a completely bolted construction ensuring any

maintenance is trouble free. The dryer structure is clad in plastisol galvanised sheeting, guaranteed for 25 years.

• reliability: we only use internationally renowned suppliers of burners, compressors, motors and electrical components. Specific customer

preferences can also be considered.

• ease of operation: touch screen PLC control panel the operation of the dryer has been visualised as much as possible. Each panel is individually programmed and tested prior to despatch.

• accessibility: the CD dryer design offers minimal cleaning and maintenance due to its ‘clean’ design inside and out. Wherever possible key components such as burners, pneumatics and fans are located in safe convenient positions. Internal inspection platforms are also offered, in addition to the standard external ladders and platforms.

• environmental impact: from the outset our dryer team will take into consideration your specific locality and environmental concerns, be it height, noise, dust, colour or air quality.

Each dryer specification is individually assessed taking into consideration the exact customer requirements and the local ambient and environmental conditions. There are Chief dryers working in extreme conditions, between -35°C to +45°C, from sea level to 2000m above sea level.

There are highly qualified staff have been trained by the specialists of Chief Industries BG Industrial Group They carry out professional installation supervision, including technical advices and after-sales service..

CD Dryer Principals


•  touch screen PLC

• 190mm standard size screen

• control equipment

• Maximum visualisation

• Multi-lingual


- 300mm premium screen

- GSM modem for text (alarm,

information messages)

-Remote monitoring/control via internet

- Alarm/text messages sending to e-mail

- Control of complete grain facility


• Plasticol, galvanised sheeting

• Colour to customers preference

• Hot air column thermally insulated    


• 3 stage oil burners

• Fully modulating gas burners

including gas trains

• Multi-fuelled dryers ie gas + steam


• Standard high efficiency axial fans

• Vertical or horizontal

• Standard silencing to 80dBA @ 1.0m

• Additional silencing upon request


-Variable speed, dust collection fans


• Full width pneumatic pulse action

• Including compressor as standard


• Direct within high grade stainless

sheet combustion chambers

• Indirect via high grade stainless steel air to air heat exchangers



• All bolted construction

• Bespoke CAD build drawings for each dryer

• Solidworks 3D illustrated installation instructions

Durability, high reliability and fire safety, low energy consumption, easy maintenance, high quality drying and competitive prices have made CHIEF CD dryers the best professional choice in the Ukrainian market. Due to the low fuel consumption of the dryer pays for itself faster than dryers from other manufacturers.