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Intersystems Inc. operates in the global market in many industries, including: feed mill industry, milling industry, sugar industry, grain industry, chemical industry and also fertilizer production because of their experience, knowledge and skills in engineering and manufacturing of transportation systems of bulk materials, industrial samplers and automatic filling and moving.    



Transportation equipment of Intersystems company designed for the needs of agriculture. Intersystems produces several models of transport equipment, which is ideal for the transportation of feed and food.


The products of Intersystems Inc.:




Rugged and flexible conveying systems are available from 1,000-50,000 BPH (1360 MTPH) and can be inclined to 90°.


Options include reversible units, bend sections, divided-flow inlets,

intermediate discharge gates and a wide variety of housing and A.R. steel liner options.


Intersystems conveyors are very adaptable and may be configured in a series of horizontal and/or inclined segments.


Bucket Elevators


Elevators are designed and built for rugged duty, long service life and gentle handling of the material. Capacities available from 1,000 to 80,000 BPH (2175 MTPH).


Options include ladder/cage/platform systems, motion and alignment sensors and various drive, belt and cup styles.


Probe Sampling


Probes can be configured for a large variety of products and site applications. Samples gathered provide highly accurate and repeatable results for moisture, size and material content testing.


Models are available for belt end, mid-belt, gravity chute, bin wall, auger bottom, pneumatic line (up/down/side flow) and more. Liquids, slurries, granules, powders, lumps, chips and pellets can be sampled. Units can be powered electrically, pneumatically or hydraulically. Intersystems offers a large variety of collection containers or indexing systems for all models.


Bulk Weighers


Factory assembled systems are available from 1,000 – 80,000 BPH (2175 MTPH) and are prewired, preplumbed and preconfigured. Installation is simple and quick.



The MasterWeigh Infinity bulk weigh controller operates using a Mettler IND 780

weight indicator. Weight is recorded in the form of “gross weight,” “tare weight”

and “net weight.” The controller is capable of operating as a stand-alone unit as

shown or with the PC interface that enables certificate printing, Smart Pass tag

reader system, or printout of shipping and receiving reports.


Gravity Screeners


With the internal proportional by-pass, Intersystems screeners are simply the best

gravity-flow systems available. These rugged units are efficient, reliable and inexpensive.

Capacities available up to 40,000 BPH (1100 MTPH) with 60,000 BPH by-pass.




-Standard size range from 10” to 30” diameter


-Construction available in carbon steel, stainless steel and galvanized


-Bi-directional rotation

-Rotary position sensor for accurate positioning

-Weather proof and dust-tight construction

-Flat back models optional

-Electric direct drive design


The construction and installation company BG Industrial Group is accredited partner of Intersystems Inc., provides the full range of forwarding services and clearance of the equipment supplied, performs the guarantee service.